Selected Works 2019-2023

I Will Break Your Face

Intimate partner violence is often primarily discussed and analyzed in the context of heterosexual relationships. However, this issue also exists in LGBT relationships. The project "I Will Break Your Face" is an attempt to depict the process it takes to free oneself from a violently abusive relationship.

Short film, 06:16 Min.
2023, Wien


When compromise becomes the new normal. Sarah yearns for physical and emotional intimacy in her relationship with Peter. However, directly asking for it doesn't seem like an option. Peter, on the other hand, does his own thing, oblivious to his girlfriend's desires. It's only in secret that Sarah finds herself, if only for a moment.

Short film, 05:23 Min
2022, Wien

Cobalt, Cobalto, Kobalt

A chance encounter with the seemingly unattached Julián leads Dominic, a sheltered mid-twenties millennial, on a path to evaluate his life and choices while opening himself up to a connection that evolves beyond expectations over the course of one night.

Short film, 17:06 Min.
2019, Los Angeles